The twisting roots of petrified trees, and a perpetual fog make the Abandoned Woodland a popular spot for the superstitious, alienists, and cryptozoologists. In general, weirdos that swear their claims are correct. Legends have it that the construction of Fushizen Village within have angered the spirits, causing the abnormal disappearances to become rampant, but as the abnormal levels of disappearances predated the founding, it is likely not the cause. Visitors, and those passing through are warned to hire a guide, or at the least, bring pokemon with them for protection. The haunted legends of the forest have made this a popular spot for those who choose to pass from this world. Lain, one of the 4 gym leaders of Sileda, has made this her home. Those who can beat her team receive the Gate Badge.


Tanglewood Estate - 10 Edit

A ways outside of the village is the Tanglewood Estate, which must have been beautiful house to behold, before being abandoned. Even the bravest of villagers deem it as dangerous and avoid it, not just because of the crumbling infrastructure. Any attempts to fully explore it, have either turned up empty handed, or the explorer disappeared. The Gym Leader, Lain, has renovated Tanglewood Estate, and turned it into an official gym. Fushizen Villagers are wary of her, calling her cursed. Since her arrival though, the villagers claim sightings of hell hounds, and the disappearances halted. The villagers call this the calm before the storm.