Born into a family of Pokemon Breeders, Adonis spent his whole life around Pokemon. Sometimes he would help around on his parents' center or go have quirky adventures with his best friend Heart. However, one day Adonis saw the news of a ship that got attacked by some strange Pokemon and who was on that ship...? None other than Skar Silver and Warhead Red! Adonis had always been a fan of superheroes and to think that his own region had them was amazing! So he trains to one day become one of the Bravian Rangers! He's been practicing his catchphrases too.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Current Team Edit

Pokemon Level Gender Ability Item
30 Female Intimidate None
35 Male Solar Power None
1 Male (Shiny) Adaptability None
1 Male Swift Swim None

Items Edit

Obtained from:
Bag Life Orb Sprite
Quest 10