Located East of Raptor Mountain, and South of Inspiros Lake, is a forest full of bamboo trees, in this temperate climate. While no real settlements exist inside this natural wonder, it is home to calm pokemon that keep to themselves, and a single Old Man, that speaks of the old days when pokemon were simpler. It's brightly lit, and plenty of hiking trails. Sudowoodo is in abundance as an invasive species. The Citadel offers a bounty for each capture in order to try and remove them from the Island.

Monastery - 30 Edit

Within the Bamboo Forests, and far from the rambling old man, is monastery built upon sacred ground. An order of monks, that spend their days in contemplation, and meditation, maintain the grounds, and offer schooling based on their ways to outsiders. They are particularly famous for their intricate martial arts, which they have employed in the past to defence their temple, as well as for meditative purposes. The monks, priests, and their feminine counterparts, are not a rare site in Muscle Beach Town, showing off their martial prowess, and playing Shogi, Go or Chess, proving that tradition and modern, can go together, despite the odd sight of a monk standing next to a body builder.