A city walled off from the wild, where trainers from all around the island and the world gather to compete, mingle, and trade. Tournaments are held here regularly for both battles and contests. In the center of the city is the Sileda Nexus, or Trainers’ Nexus, a large structure that includes every necessary facility to be a hub for all sorts of Pokemon trainers. Some of the more important facilities are as follows:

  • Guild Halls: Meeting areas for organized guilds of trainers, and other similar kinds of groups, who provide some service to society.
  • Park:

An indoor park with plenty of space for Pokemon to run around in, but  also arenas where casual, quick battles can be fought when some asshole walks into your line of sight.

  • Contest Hall:

A building where Normal to Master Rank Contests take place. Other  Contest Halls exist on the island, but they have special formats, whereas the Nexus’s is of common regulations.

  • Hotel:

Almost always packed, a place usually for trainers who have come for an event in the city. Expensive, luxurious, and unnecessary for those who prefer the wilderness.

  • Quest Counters:

A place where any trainer can take “quests”, put up by clients on  bulletins. These Quests are typically done in parties. Once a Quest has been taken, one has the option to have an attendant direct them to an Altaria Taxi, where those without a Flying Pokemon of their own can fast-travel to the general location of the objective.