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Quick basic description of character. Keep this one short and sweet.

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Self explanatory. Go ham

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How do they act, what are their interests. What or whom do that hate and love? Go ham

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Change the section a little? Either way, go ham on describing all your little summonable monsters.

Ace Pokemon Edit

some people have a favourite, others don't play that game. This can be used for the character's strongest, their favourite, or otherwise. Go ham, these are your A Team members.

Others Edit

Some trainers have a huge cast of pokemon under their belt, but Official League Regulations, the world over, limit one to 6 pokemon. Who're the rest of your kids?

Name Species Description

Feel free to Ham it up here as well. This is a wikia, and wikias hunger for information. Please feed the wikia. It won't stop staring at me in the night, licking saliva off its lips.

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Anything else you wish to place down not quite fitting in the above sections? This is extended info. Go ham

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Some people keep a journal. Do you?

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