main page Sileda Island Crossway City is a luxurious resort town that caters to the wealthier denizens of Sileda Island. For those looking for a challenge, the rich folk are known for the their love of battle, and have a variety of exotic pokemon from around the world (not to mention no shortage of funds).

The Lucky 7 is large casino practically trimmed with gold that caters to high rollers. ‘Spend spend spend!’ is the motto of this casino, who boasts the ability to have nothing short of a good time. However, this building not only serves as a casino but doubles as a gym as well. Quinn Venolouise is the owner and gym leader of said casino. He may look rather young but he is a force to be reckoned with, battling with risky strategies and never holding back. In order to reach Quinn and battle him, the trainer must go through a series of battle of wits, solving various puzzles relating to cards and casino chips. Only after solving these puzzles will the player be able to move forward. If a trainer manages to beat Quinn, they will be gifted the Luck Badge.


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Funny enough, Lucky 7 is the only gym located inside a city or town in Sileda Island, the others being located in an abandoned forest mansion, a rocky asylum, and ancient ruins.