A dry sandy desert, inhospitable to many, but several pokemon adapted for this type of environment thrive within on the sparse resources, and lack of large predators. There is very little water, and rocky outcroppings buried, and unburied by shifting dunes at the mercy of the wind provide little shade. There seems to be little worth, beyond the Heremus Ruins. Persephone, one of the 4 Gym Leaders of Sileda, has made this her ‘home’.


Heremus Ruins - 12 Edit

Located within the town itself, is where fortune seekers gather, searching the ruins for buried jewels, pottery, gold and silver collected by a once thrivent civilization that dried up with the desert. Despite the ruins being picked over a hundred times, every once in awhile, a story crops up of someone finding something worthwhile, and the gold craze starts all over again. In the depths of Heremus Ruins lie the treasure chamber, which houses Tresa Artican’s gym. The ruins are filled with ancient Pokemon who guard the relics there, serving as protection against those who wish the place harm.

Heremus Gym - 12 Edit

At the bottom of Heremus Ruins lies the Heremus Gym. The entrance is an imposing set of doors, with crumbling pillars barely supporting them. Through the doors is an ornate stone room, adorned with unrecognizable cryptic carvings. The floor is entirely sand and many spots are loose enough to suck you under. Beneath the sands are strong Pokemon waiting to attack unsuspecting challengers. At the end of the unorthodox labyrinth lies the massive treasure chamber, filled with ancient coins and relics. The chamber has been refitted into a stadium, and Tresa Artican awaits brave challengers there. If a trainer can best her ancient Pokemon, they are awarded a Dust Badge.