Fogrowth Forest is a large and slightly foggy forest, where sunlight beams through the canopy and dapples the leaf-covered floor. Many beginning trainers come here to catch and train Pokemon. Fogrowth is filled with Grass, Normal, Flying, and Bug types. These Pokemon are low-leveled and easy to catch for early adventurers. However, trainers are advised not to wander too deep into the woods, as the heart of the forest is home to a strange and mystical maze.

Myconie Path - 3 Edit

At the very center of Fogrowth Forest lies Myconie Path which is easily recognizable for its odd towering mushrooms who almost seem to glow at night. The foggy, wooded area is said to have a ‘mystical’ atmosphere to it. It is known for its abundance of many Fairy type Pokemon, along with those who love the mushrooms like Shroomish, Foongus, or Paras. Those who tread into the woods swear they loop back to where they started when they could have sworn they were reaching the center of the wooded area. However, those who make it to the center of the area are met with a clearing housing the largest and purest Fairy Ring in Sileda. This circle of mushrooms is said to have been created by a powerful Pokemon, and those who step inside the ring are said to be blessed by good fortune.