Lain is the Gym Leader of the Abandoned Woodland's Gym, officially known as Tanglewood Estate. Those that can overcome the hardships of Tanglewood Estate earn the Dusk Badge.

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Age: 23 years

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Ace Pokemon: A Banette sits in her arms, or upon her lap. One the rare occasions it's not there, it is nearby within site of company. Only, it doesn't appear as a Banette, but possesses a sloppily stitched doll.

Summary: Lain is one of the 4 Gym Leaders of the Sileda Region, and specializes in Ghostly studies. While much of her adventuring days are over, thanks to her own frailty, Lain presents a unique challenge, placing her Gym, despite protests from the Sileda League, into a once abandoned mansion thanks to the rumours of disappearances within.

Gym Challenge: