There are no real settlements present on the isle, but the island’s history has attracted numerous ghost Pokemon. A long time ago, the rocky shores led many fisherman and sailors to their watery graves. The currents have washed many of these wrecks away, but three lighthouses still remain on different sides of the island, warning sailors of the shores. These lighthouses are widely believed to be haunted. An increase in mapping, and general safety of ships, made them largely obsolete in modern times, but it is still maintained by a family, and is passed from generation to generation.

Mayfare Spire - 5 Edit

Mayfare Isle’s terrain ascends to a peak between the three lighthouses. While it's unused thanks to its jagged face and sharp incline, there is evidence of nesting in the cavern at the top, despite the owners of the lighthouses denying knowledge of seeing any pokemon braving the harsh winds to nest up there.

Siren Rock - 6 Edit

Siren Rock is a large spire jutting out of Mayfire Isle, facing the sea. It is infamous for being the cause of many shipwrecks nearby, but the locals would have you believe it was the work of spirits leading sailors astray. The cries of Jellicent at night further their superstitions. Divers often gather to scavenge for treasure, but the ocean currents have washed nearly all of the bounty out to deeper waters.