Montage is an immense mountain known for its harsh winds and cold climate. It is one of the only areas in the region which routinely snows, so the ski resort near its base gets a lot of traffic. Up the mountain however, dangerous Pokemon and harsh weather conditions are prevalent,, preventing most trainers from being able to scale the mountain. Mt. Montage blocks the Eastarsh Desert from wind, causing the odd climate contrast between them.

Montage Ski Resort - 13 Edit

The Montage Ski Resort receives a lot of visitors looking for an escape from Sileda’s heat. There are different slalom courses for all expertise levels, and skiing tournaments are occasionally held here. Ski instructors teach trainers both how to ski and how to avoid some of the more dangerous Ice types that roam the mountain freely. Due to being one of the only chilly areas in Sileda, many fans of Ice Pokemon meet up to congregate and battle.

Winterbreath Cave - 13 Edit

Winterbreath Cave is fairly hidden from civilian eyes, lying just behind the ski resort. The cave curves down, leading deep under Mt. Montage. The inside is coated with permafrost, which makes it home to many Ice Pokemon. Trainers throughout the region look for the cave for a chance to catch some of the Pokemon who can only be found here. If the trainers are lucky, they might just find the chamber deep inside with the odd ice covered boulder.