Nidos Hills is a large cluster of hills that dominate the horizon. The hills were named due to the Nidoking and Nidoqueen that roam the area. Each of the smaller hills is dominated primarily by a tribe and a few narrow, twisting staircases nicknamed the Infinite Stairs start at different points, leading up to the Grand Library at the top of the tallest of Nidos Hills.

Grand Library - 7 Edit

The Grand Library is the largest and most prominent library in Sileda, collecting literature from around the world, and displaying ancient texts behind thick glass cases. The library specializes in books about Pokemon biology and ecology, but offers a wide selection of fiction, nonfiction, and children's stories. Many scholars flock to from all over the island to browse the library’s impressive collection of literature.

Nidos Laboratories - 8 Edit

Utilizing the vast wealth of information offered by the Grand Library, a laboratory beneath Nidos Hill has been built into the hill. While not too open to the public, beyond what’s displayed in the laboratory, it offers those who have them, to resurrect fossils of ancient, extinct pokemon. Residents of nearby areas whisper rumors of what the true purpose of the lab could be, but it seems all up to conjecture.