A strange and wondrous location which is known to be the location of the mysterious Northold Asylum. A large whirlpool sits inside this bay, making boating difficult on this side of the island. The whirlpool changes directions depending on the time of day like clockwork. While it's changing directions, there is a small opportunity to pass through the bay, revealing the hidden entrance to the Asylum. No one knows quite what the cause of the whirlpool is, but trainers and scientists alike have not been successful in their studies. Some say it was made to protect the Asylum,though others claim the whirlpool has been going on since long before the island was settled. According to local legend, wails can be heard emitting from the whirlpool at night.

Northold Asylum - 18Edit

Northold Asylum is a special psychiatric ward and prison, built inconspicuously within the bay’s rock formations, where humans with special, uncontrollable powers, are locked off from the outside world. Most of these prisoners are espers, and other humans with drastic mutations that give them frightening powers, and are for the most part insane. Treatments are conducted to cure these people, as well as take away their powers, but such operations can be hit-or-miss, and there exist plenty of permanent residents. Within the Asylum is one esper above all else, the Gym Leader, Persephone, whose abilities are so profoundly powerful, that she chooses to reside in a maximum-security sector of the facility. The challenge leading to her is a nightmarish trek through an illusory labyrinth, created by the minds of the insane espers; for those not daring enough to take the challenge, there is little reason to come here. Those who best Persephone can walk away with the Eye Badge.