Onix Plains is cut off by the hard to walk paths of Steelix Quarry, and the dangers of Northwoods. Full of various pokemon, and gently rolling hills in high altitude, Onix Plains has no settlements, and was chosen as a spot for a research station, regarding the heavens and stars, due to the lack of Light Pollution.

Aetherius Observatory - 19 Edit

The Observatory houses large telescope pointed to the heavens, viewing impossibly far away objects, to help understand the universe at large. It is located in the least light polluted area of the region in the highgrounds on the far side of the dangerous Northwoods. Aetherius brings in funding with a gift shop selling meteor fragments, and evolutionary stones which are unavailable elsewhere. A tour allows visitors to view the stars, as well as see several exotic display items such as a strange meteor said to have ties to DNA itself.