Persephone is the Gym Leader of Northold Asylum. She gives the Anima Badge to trainers who overcome the dreamscape that is her Gym Challenge. As a gym leader, her specialty lies in Hyper-Offense.

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Alakazam, Male.




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Age: 19 years

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Ace Pokemon: Alakazam; her choice Mega, and her only team member whose mind operates on at least her level.

Summary: One of Sileda’s four Gym leaders. A profoundly powerful esper, Persephone is kept imprisoned in an asylum, where other psychics with uncontrollable powers, and generally lacking sanity, are held. She is the strongest, and out of her own volition, keeps herself locked up in a maximum-security cell, where her body is usually immobilized, but her consciousness escapes physical boundaries to observe the world around her freely. She managed to become a Gym Leader so she could meet people, and have challengers, and is sane unlike most of the imprisoned espers. Her gym challenge is an illusory labyrinth, created by the psychic powers of its prisoners, ending with an ultimate test of brains and bravery. Her only Pokemon known to the public is her Mega Alakazam, who happens to be her companion since early childhood.

She mainly employs Hyper Offense tactics in battle and teambuilding. Steering from most gimmicks, she relies purely on gauging the foe's psyche and patterns to out-switch and out-predict them before unleashing the terrifying destructive power of her team members.

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