Quinn Venolouise is the Gym Leader of Crossway City's Gym, known officially as the Lucky 7 Casino. He gives the Luck Badge to those that can defeat him in battle.

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Age: 22 years

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Ace Pokemon: Persian

Summary: Quinn comes from a life of high society and golden spoons due to his parents being the owners of various casinos throughout the world. It was only natural that Quinn from up and take over a casino of his own as well. However, Quinn had grown to have more interests rather than just money and gambling. While dealing with some people at a blackjack table at his parents' casino, one of the customers had gotten a bad gamble and lost all his money. Feeling like he had been cheated he challenged 15-year-old Quinn to Pokémon battle (cause that's how you solve arguments in this world apparently). Quinn, a little confused as to why this man would battle him, accepted and pretty much got his ass kicked. Surprised and frustrated by his loss, Quinn began to study on the tactics and strategy of Pokémon battling. He eventually grew interested on the complexity of Pokemon battles and aspired to be a Pokémon trainer. After years of losing he learned to combine his wits and smarts to eventually become the gym leader of the casino he owns today. Like this application, Quinn is fashionably late. He always seems to appear at the worst possible times or even miss events completely! This tardiness sometimes reflects on his gym as well. Sometimes when Trainers eventually reach his room, he isn't even there to show up and battle. Other than tardiness, Quinn is a natural gentleman, conman and trickster. He loves to test trainers by their wits as well as their battle skills, usually making bets that are larger than just paying the winner. His addiction to gambling sometimes reflects on him badly when he loses, however. Also he is related to a certain wild child. He doesn't know about her though due to the fact that his relatives never speak of the uncle that married a commoner.