The volcanic Raptor Mountain, named after the mythological ‘raptors’, is mainly known as the location of the Raptor Coliseum. Though a skytram typically ferries trainers to the peak of the mountain, the manual ascent up is a dangerous journey, and something of a rite of passage for competitors, due to the uneasy footing and tough fire and rock type Pokemon.

Raptor Coliseum - 29 Edit

Located in the pit at the top of the mountain, is a suspended arena, whose heat permeates the entirety of the stands. Far below, open lava sits bubbling, casting a red tint, even from so far away. A popular arena for fire based Trainers, due to its heat making their elements much stronger here, than elsewhere. Fittingly, due to the high altitude, and rising heat, it hosts many of the strongest Sky Trainers, whom make excellent use of the updraft to pull deft aerial maneuvers impossible elsewhere.