A fanciful beach with several mansions overlooking the soft, sandy beaches, makes this a popular vacation spot, and home for the rich. The traveller is encouraged to place their savings on the line at the ever popular Lucky 7 Casino for the chances of early retirement, rare items, and even rare pokemon as prizes. Quinn Vennolouise, one of the four Gym Leaders of Sileda, has made this his home.


Shoal Reef Unlike its vibrant, and full of life counterpart Shipwreck Reef, Shoal Reef is desolate, and nearly empty, with strange statues resembling extinct pokemon, and ancient humans, standing in file with each other, amongst the rocks that make up the reef. These are of calcium, clay, and stone, any cloth they were once decorated with, have worn away from the tide. No one is quite sure why they are here, but many speculate to commemorate an ancient war, and those that fought in it.

Shoal Mines - 16 Edit

Massive underground mines branch deep underwater here in pursuit of coal and ores. These mines were dubbed the Shoal Mines when their primary entry point was moved to Shoal Reef due to a collapse near the Citadel entrance. Civilians aren’t typically allowed in due to the hazardous area and the dangerous environment.