On the surface, literally, is prairie lands, filled with tough plants that could survive the harsh winds of the flatlands near Raptor Mountain. Many pokemon move through here on migratory paths, making it very potent to Swarms from different regions at variable points in the year, even watertypes off the southern coast, pass through on their journeys.

Sileda Fossil Beds - 26 Edit

Located in Southern Prairie, is an ancient buried by ash in an eruption from Raptor Mountain a millenia ago. Once a thriving city, the Fossil Beds are picked through carefully by archaeologists, studying the ways pokemon, and humans lived in those ancient times. Trainers can seek fossils of varying types here, or help a willing archaeologist out for a specific one if they have it. Mysterious pokemon can be found wandering these ruins.

Southern Catacombs - 27 Edit

Beneath the Sileda Fossil Beds, lies a network of both natural, and carved out tunnels, that is not entirely mapped out. Many of the tunnels are unstable, and without any sort of lighting, making Rock Smash, and Flash both a basic necessity within. There are chambers that are both naturally carved out by dripping waters, and carved out by tools and pokemon. Some were once used for storage of perishable items due to the cooler temperatures, some in ancient rituals regarding hte worship of pokemon. Some are even used as a burial ground. Mysterious pokemon like above, are found within, a bit more commonly than in the excavation sites. THere are rumours of extinct pokemon living in the catacombs, hibernating.