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Quick basic description of character.

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How do they act, what are their interests. What or whom do that hate and love?

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Name Species Description
Vulpis Vulpix Uses ember in its fur to create a form of bioluminesence. This is unique outside of Northwoods Jungle, but not within, as many pokemon like Vulpis, have adapted to survive in the near no light conditions. Due to Sylvia having troubles pronouncing Vulpix, his unintentional nickname became Vulpis, as he began to refuse to answer to anything else.
Scyther Scyther A non-native to Northwoods Jungle that likely got lost when visiting the nearby, and considerably safer Inspiros Park. Rescued from certain death, and nursed back to health by Sylvia. He doesn't like to admit it, but he's become fond of the muddy little Wild Child.

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