Tresa Aticans is the Gym Leader of Heremus Town, known officially as the Heremus Ruins. She gives the Temple Badge to those who defeat her in battle. She specializes in ancient pokemon.

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Age: 28 years

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Ace Pokemon: Tresa uses her best friend and partner Cofagrigus in battle, along with other rare and ancient Pokemon that lurk in Sileda's ruins.

Summary: Tresa is one of Sileda's four gym leaders. She uses ancient Pokemon that generally make their homes in ruins or dusty tombs. Tresa is the caretaker of Heremus Ruins, which house her gym. The Heremus Ruins have long since been cleaned out by explorers and treasure hunters, but few make it far enough to get to the depths where Tresa awaits in the ruin's treasure chamber, untouched by anyone but her and her Pokemon. The journey through the desert and the ruins themselves is enough to bring most trainers to their knees, but to those up to the challenge, the Heremus Gym awaits them.