Encompassing the entirety of Shipwreck Reef, is the tourist trap that is the Underwater Safari Zone. While battling is forbidden, one can capture the unique pokemon using regulated Dive balls, to allow capture of the pokemon found only within. The tour involves a glass bottomed boat, snorkeling, and even Diving to explore the reefs closer, and even in the deeper waters, the Shipwreck itself. Within the reef are several tunnels one on the tour can explore, to find pokemon that live in dark depths. Due to how still the waters are, one can see for hundreds of yards to the ocean floor itself.

Located deep within the Underwater Safari Zone is a vibrant, and life filled colourful coral reef. A sight to see through the clear waters, many unique pokemon within the zone are only found here in Sileda. It earned its name Shipwreck Reef, due to an old ship had crashed, and sunk into these corals, and have since been made home by the pokemon. Battling is strictly forbidden within the grounds, on penalty of fines, lifetime bans, and jailtime based on destruction of the protected area.